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Printing steel plate

Sanheng card printing thin steel features: 
    After printing a thin cold-rolled steel, hardened and tempered to meet the sophisticated printing ink cup printing machine the most stringent requirements. Sanheng card printing thin steel not only high strength, high hardness, strong anti-rust capability, precise positioning, but also has good toughness and flexibility. As well as high fatigue strength. After quenching uniform and fine grain size organization, very low inclusion content. 
    Quality, reliability and service are the key to our operations, with extensive experience and expertise, the three constant efforts to develop new materials and new products, enabling us to provide customers with comprehensive technical support and services. 
Sanheng card printing thin steel features: 
1, uniform microstructure 
2, high toughness, good flexibility, high strength and high hardness 
3, high wear resistance 
4, good fatigue resistance 
5, precision edge states 
6, excellent straightness 
7, good flatness, no leakage 
8, good polishing performance 
9, precise positioning holes