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ARSP2545 full automatic continuous rolling and more screen printing machine

ARSP2545 is a fully automatic machine comprising of all processes in electrical, air pressed, and mechanical movement. It offers streamless automatic workflow of various printing steps: feeding, chromatography, drying, winding.

This product has adopted precise and reliable components from oversea suppliers such as PLC control system to make the whole operation more precise, efficient and reliably, and durable.

This innovated product has solved the technical constraints of traditional ribbon typed printing which requires larger areas, multi-color configurable modules, and compliance of various brands of inks.

The customer can easily configure their printing colors by assembling various modules in operation.


key specifications:
max. printing area:250 * 250mm
printing speed:3-4M/Min
air pressure:0.6-0.7Mpa
max. power of main unit:16Kw
max. power of additional unit:8Kw/color
host size:5750*880*1260mm (host size)
modular size:3000*8800*1260mm/color
feeding/ winding size:770*620*1270mm